Blue Whale Game: A lethal shark called depression

Henrietta Strickland
August 17, 2017

"Blue whale is said to have led to the suicide of several teenagers world over".

They said their son used to be an addict of online games and he used to play till late hours. The Blue Whale Challenge -in which a series of tasks, mostly brutal, are given to participants for a period of 50 days by the administrators - exists because it targets the vulnerable.

A preliminary research shows that the game started from a social media platform called VK that is popular in Russian Federation, but surprisingly, the government has not send a copy of its letter to VK.

While the Blue Whale game as such does not exist openly, there are theories that sadistic people lurking on internet search for teens showing suicidal tendencies or searching for the game. Mumbai, West Midnapore in West Bengal, and some parts of Kerala have reported some cases of youngsters' suicides allegedly linked to this game in recent weeks. "It is important and the violation will be viewed very seriously", Prasad said.

However, the Delhi High Court denied doing so and fixed the next of hearing in the matter on August 22. The figures also represent that a significant number of people assume that "Blue Whale" is computer, mobile application that can be downloaded.

If the government was at all serious about banning the Blue Whale Challenge, it could have used powers under Section 69-A of the IT Act, 2000 and banned it throughout.

Any violations of government instructions of removing all links which direct users to the unsafe online game "The Blue Whale Challenge" will be dealt with strictly, Union Electronics and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Wednesday. He had also carved out "SA" on his chest using a compass. In contrast to this death alley a group in Brazil has started Pink whale challenge which nearly acts like a self help group for people who are depressed.

She further explained, "If the parents dismiss what the child is trying to convey, pass judgements or keep comparing the child with someone else, the child will try to find acceptance in its peer group or from even strangers, like in the case of children taking up the Blue Whale challenge or searching for it on internet".

With so many clues pointing towards Manpreet's association with the game, the police are now just awaiting an official nod from the forensic team. The boy's mother told a Malayalam TV channel her son had downloaded the game last November.

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