Fox spends bucks to poke fun at The New York Times

Elias Hubbard
July 28, 2017

This occurred amid an on-going beef between the two news organizations.

"That quote about Fox & Friends", President Donald Trump's favorite morning show, appeared in a recent piece by Times television critic James Poniewozik.

Fox & Friends commented on the ad, with Doocy picking up the paper, reading one page and acting as if he was oblivious to the ad faced at the camera until his colleagues pointed it out. The Times' ad rates say a full-page ad with color generally runs around $130,000.

"Well, they called us the most powerful TV show in America", Doocy jumped in, "and for that, we agree".

President Trump is the show's subject, its programmer, its publicist and its virtual fourth host.

Long-time host Brian Kilmeade joked that it must have been tough for the Times to admit the success of the show before stating the ad was also featured in the New York Post.

President Trump even took notice and took to Twitter to chime in on the situation. Tony Thomas has told reporters that a Times story in 2015 about using certain data to track ISIS fighters resulted in US forces losing the trail to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

A Times spokesperson reached out to the network asking for an apology and a retraction, calling the segment "malicious and inaccurate" and clarifying that the Times story was based on a statement from the Pentagon, which would have been what made Baghdadi aware of the capture, not the Times article. Thomas mentioned the issue again at the Aspen Security last week and Fox News aired a story on it.

In a earnings call on Thursday morning, New York Times Co. chief executive Mark Thompson said he welcomed the advertisement.

The show's co-hosts celebrated the ad on Thursday morning's show, holding up a copy of the Times for viewers to see.

Kilmeade commented that it must have been hard for the paper to say that.

"They chose to support our journalism with their money", a Times executive said.

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