New Pokemon Movie Just Erased Two Key Characters from Ash's Past

Lawrence Kim
July 11, 2017

Kotaku notes however, that on the site for new reboot flick ' I Choose You', the pair are nowhere to be found, seemingly having been replaced by these garbage-looking stand-ins, named Souji and Makoto.

As Pokémon prepares to retell its "Indigo League Saga" for the 21st Century, creators of the anime movie have made a decision to retcon two major human characters. Among the biggest changes are new takes on classic moments and, for whatever reason, the replacement of Ash Ketchum's best friends, Brock and Misty. While the cynical answer is "merchandising" (both Makoto and Souji have partner Pokemon that are a lot more popular than any of Brock or Misty's Pokemon, ) the producers may have also wanted to make clear that this movie exists outside of the continuity of the show. Pokecenter's mainstay Nurse Joy, who appears largely unchanged from when she first appeared in the series, is still in the movie, but it looks like the boy Souji would not be making a pass at her, which is what Brock became known for.

Misty and Brock aren't entirely absent from the movie.

As two gym leaders - and then later friends of Ash - they appeared in dozens of episodes and several feature-length movies.

New Pokemon Movie Just Erased Two Key Characters from Ash's Past
New Pokemon Movie Just Erased Two Key Characters from Ash's Past

Fair enough, I Choose You isn't a straight remake of the first season but the plot is too familiar not to be associated with it and if you're going to attempt even half of a remake, Brock and Misty need to be there.

The new Pokemon movie will come out in Japan later this month and will debut in the USA and Europe sometime in the fall.

Meanwhile, Brock and Misty still make a cameo appearance in the movie as they are featured during the end credits in a montage of all of Ash's other companions through the years. The jury's still out on whether they're as memorable as the lovelorn Brock and stubborn Misty, but we imagine it will be hard to get nostalgic fans to warm up to them.

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