UK's first pregnant man gives birth

Elias Hubbard
July 9, 2017

Though, Hayden Cross is the first man in Britain to have a baby, the first pregnant man in the world was American Thomas Beatie in the year 2007.

Hayden Cross, 21, becomes first transgender man to give birth in UK. It makes twenty-one year old, Cross, from Gloucester, the first transgender man to give birth in the UK. The Gloucestershire resident shared a picture of his little girl on Facebook after she was born on June 16. According to The Sun, Cross calls his daughter an "angel" and was quoted saying, "She's flawless in every way... she is so good".

Mr Parker said he had asked be registered as the "father" on Sara's birth certificate but was told by officials that he must be listed as Sara's mother.

Followed by the birth of his little angel, at present Cross is in a mood to complete his gender realignment as soon as possible.

Mr Cross was born a girl and has lived as a man for three years, taking male hormones during the period.

"I found out I was pregnant two weeks after the sperm was inserted".

Cross, who was born Paige, had applied to have his eggs frozen on the NHS in the hope he would be able to have children in the future. "I was finally starting to become myself and become a man physically but now my body is going in the opposite direction".

The cost of gender reassignment is £29,000 per patient, including support and surgery.

"I looked on Facebook for a group and found one - it's been shut down now".

Parker had not started hormone treatment when he became pregnant, and postponed his medical transition in order to protect the health of his child.

As for the topic on Hayden being the first man to deliver a child in Britain, Scott said, "I am overjoyed for Hayden Cross too".

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