Racing club in Canberra will fight with the Government in court

Ruben Hill
July 4, 2017

The Australian Capital Territory officials have proclaimed their decision to ban dog racing sport on their territory, which, of course, includes Canberra. So, the racing greyhound club has also revealed their intention to fight back, and do it properly, on the court. They want to receive their funds back, as well. And you still can pick live greyhound racing competitions to bet on-line.

Recently, the government of ACT has released their decision to ban greyhounds racing, right after they received the report from an independent investigation with zero evidence of dog baiting in the region.

According to the law that was proposed a few days ago, owners of greyhounds will be able to train and breed and take care of new pets. However, there will be a special group created by government which will work on the shutting down dog races. Their goal will be to stop this sport in ACT until the end of June in the 2018 year.

After this statement was published, greyhound racing club in Canberra has promised to make everything possible to win this war and receive the allowance on their official existence. They have confirmed that their one and only weapon is law, and they are ready to meet with officials in court.

ACT leaders have stopped to give funds to dog racing at the end of last week, and the club is hoping that in court they will be able to reinstate subsidization.

Kel Watt, the spokesman of greyhound club during his latest interview to the press said that with the fast speed of Government of ACT, the club needs to act even quicker. He confirmed that there will be weeks or days on the count, and not even a month to start the case officially. He believes that with a proper attention of the court to their case the battle will be won during several upcoming months.

As for the government, they are ready to spend 1 million dollars or more to help former workers involved in greyhound sports to find a new job and get the new profession. They will also help dogs which will stay homeless after this sport will be banned.

However, the club and its representative, Watt, do not want to continue negotiations on these terms and believe that they will not need to change their jobs.

According to the greyhound club, are they will have to fight on several fronts at the same time. They want to restore their good reputation, save this sport from the ban and also bring back governmental funding, that was one of the biggest parts of their budget.

The racing club hopes that the recent inspection of their activity made by an independent party, Mary Durkin, the Commissioner of Health Services.

They are cheered up with success of NSW. As Watt said, ACT in much better situation than the industry of New South Wales was, after their government has announced the same ban.

And after a while, NSW officials decided that it will be better to reform the whole dog racing industry, and removed the ban.

According to Mr. Watt, the club is going to ask publicity for support in this fight.


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