Nuance knocked down in same ransomware attack that is spreading across Europe

Joanna Estrada
June 28, 2017

Still, the attack could be more risky than traditional strains of ransomware because it makes computers unresponsive and unable to reboot, Juniper Networks said in a blog post analysing the attack.

It is understood the company has taken its email system down as a preventative measure.

The email account associated with the ransomware has been blocked, so even if victims pay, they won't get their files back.

It's still too early to say who might be responsible for unleashing the virus.

The WannaCry outbreak prompted many network administrators to update their security patches. "We are now assessing the situation".

Microsoft said the virus could spread through a flaw that was patched in a security update in March.

A computer screen cyberattack warning notice reportedly holding computer files to ransom, as part of a massive worldwide cyberattack, at an office in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday June 27, 2017, A new and highly virulent outbreak of malicious data-scrambling software appears to be causing mass disruption across Europe, hitting Ukraine especially hard. Its victims also include hospitals in Pennsylvania's Heritage Valley Health System. "Many of our businesses are experiencing no or minimal disruption".

India-based employees at Beiersdorf, makers of Nivea skin care products, and Reckitt Benckiser, which owns Enfamil and Lysol, told Reuters the ransomware attack had affected some of their systems.

The company's telemetry data indicates around 2,000 attacked users so far.

Officials in Ukraine reported serious intrusions of the country's power grid as well as at banks and government offices, where one senior executive posted a photo of a darkened computer screen and the words, "the whole network is down".

Ukraine was hardest hit by the attack, which came one day before the country's Constitution Day.

Russian state oil companies Rosneft and Bashneft were affected, as were Danish shipping conglomerate Maersk, British advertising agency WPP and Dutch shipping company TNT Express.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman also said on Facebook that "our IT experts are doing their job and protecting critical infrastructure".

However, no one has any clue regarding the perpetrators of the attack till date.

A major cyber attack, believed to have first struck Ukraine, caused havoc around the world on Wednesday, crippling computers or halting operations at port operator Maersk, a Cadbury chocolate plant in Australia and the property arm of French bank BNP Paribas.

Petya is still affecting airports and ATMs in Ukraine and hampering global businesses from the shipping giant Maersk to the drug company Merck.

The Shadow Brokers, who have spent almost a year publishing some of the American intelligence community's most closely guarded secrets, posted a new message to the user-driven news service Steemit carrying new threats, a new money-making scheme and nudge-nudge references to the ransomware explosion that continues to cause disruption from Pennsylvania to Tasmania.

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