Chinese tourist faints after breaking jade bangle worth S$61000

Elias Hubbard
June 28, 2017

Ever felt like fainting at the sight of a price tag on something you wanted to buy?

A tourist in China is reported to have fainted after accidentally breaking a jade bracelet worth 300,000 yuan (£34,000).

The female tourist was visiting a jade shop in the Yunnan border city of Ruili on Tuesday when she chose to see how she looked in one of their bracelets. When she was informed that the bracelet was worth 300,000 Yuan, the woman had a panic attack. Unfortunately, her hand slipped and the bracelet fell on to the ceramic tile floor, breaking it into two pieces.

In a video, one man is even shown applying firm pressure to her philtrum (the middle area of her upper lip), a traditional Chinese method of waking up those who have fainted. She then fainted but bystanders were quick to respond, supporting her body before she landed on the ground.

She was reportedly so shocked that she passed out and had to be placed on the ground by family members in order to recover.

According to South China Morning Post, shop owners tried to negotiate a compensation based on her financial situation and police was not involved in the negotiation.

While her heart broke into half like the jade bracelet did after finding out how expensive it was, we do hope that she'll be okay.

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