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Lawrence Kim
June 26, 2017

Long-time Doctor Who fans will recognise this as the sort of thing the Master used to do all the time - particularly in the 80s, when he would frequently hide behind a mask.

Doctor Who: Is Missy really changing or is it all another trick? "Director Rachel Talalay and Steven Moffat are clearly a potent creative combination, and the middle of the episode in particular, as Bill creeps through a hospital evoking memories of The Empty Child and Asylum Of The Daleks was tonally outstanding." . His goal is to see whether his former friend's turn toward the light is legitimate. So he sets up an elaborate scheme in which he has the Mistress and her sidekicks "Exposition" and "Comic Relief" investigate a colony ship that's backing slowly away from a black hole.

Bill's not incredibly thrilled with this idea. She admits that she's afraid of Missy. It's a shame, then, that though we didn't know it at the time, the dynamics of one of the Doctor's companions living for years with another Time Lord weren't explored in some detail.

Because it wasn't just that we were witnessing the genesis of the Mondasian Cybermen that was frightening, it was also the reveal that Bill (Pearl Mackie) had been converted into one after being shot through the chest. Her body is carted off by some extremely creepy creatures who speak in a monotone.

The cloth heads made an early appearance in the hospital, although we didn't get to see the full upgrade until near the end of the episode. Her fellow patients are bandaged figures who constantly moan in pain. As good as the episode was, and it was, it has two disadvantages that stop it from being a true classic. Obviously, the shrouded monsters are Cybermen. Isn't it obvious that Mr. Razor is John Simm's Master in disguise?

Perhaps this is the problem with our constantly churning media environment and its embrace of spoiler culture. I will gladly retract every word of this if the new Doctor is revealed in next week's episode as a genuine surprise, though. Watch Doctor Who Series 10 finale on BBC One at 6.45 p.m. We were looking for them, even. To be fair, knowing these twists doesn't ruin them.

World Enough and Time is a something special. Will next week provide a satisfying payoff to all the groundwork laid here?

What do you want to see over the course of the Doctor Who season 10 finale? And the question of Missy's potential redemption is given a much more central focus.

Missy was at her hilarious best, as she introduced herself as "the awesome hero Doctor Who".

Also, one last thing: as the camera sweeps over the colony ship - in the beginning - I couldn't help but hear Journey of the Sorcerer by The Eagles playing somewhere in the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the first quarter seems to mostly use up the episode's entertainment quota. This isn't a standard episode of Doctor Who with Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, as we see when Bill deals with a victim in pain; though quite shocking it is very human. We don't have an answer to the question of whether or not she's changed. Can Missy, faced with the literal manifestation of all her worse impulses, choose her better angels? But she waits so long that her fate's sealed while her supposed saviour prevaricates upstairs.

Bill eventually notices that her friends will be boarding a lift and heading downstairs.

There's something intriguing about the idea that Missy has inched her way to redemption enough that her progress alarmed her previous self. It hasn't helped that more often than not, modern Doctor Who has repeatedly decided the only way to beat the Cybermen is to overwhelm them with the power of love, a trope the show falls back on far too often.

"Promise you won't get me killed". Some of the most impressive horror cinema at the moment can be found on the small screen, and World Enough And Time had evidence in abundance to support that. But it's hard to view Bill's death with the gravitas it probably deserves.

Finally, Flicking Myth thought the episode was one of the best. This is the same reason Clara's death in Season 9's "Face the Raven" felt disappointing.

We always knew it would come down to this. But Moffat's constant emotional manipulation in this vein feels tiresome.

There's a lot of ground to cover next week. Bill's going to be turned into one of the Cybermen.

In fact, the episode even started with a tease - again - for something that we know is coming, as the Doctor started to regenerate. It's a very strong episode that manages to weave an agreeable timey-wimey spaceship yarn into the climax of this season's gently brewing Missy story, complete with Cybermen.

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