New Hampshire lawmakers accidentally approved a bill to legalize murder

Olive Rios
June 24, 2017

According to the Concord Monitor, Senate Bill 66 defined a fetus 20 weeks into a pregnancy as a person, meaning that an abortion after such time would be considered murder or manslaughter. Supporters say this allows those who might kill a foetus - in a vehicle crash, or assault, for example - to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

A contentious debate Thursday at the Statehouse revolved around pregnant women being allowed to murder people.

"The bill as drafted allows for physician-assisted suicide and allows a pregnant woman to commit homicide without consequences".

New Hampshire Lawmakers passed the state's budget and it's heading to the governor's desk.

The bill included language meant to protect women who want abortions and the doctors who perform them from being charged with murder, but it was written so vaguely that some argued the wording would allow pregnant women to kill anyone-not just the fetus in their uterus-without impunity. "That was not the intent", New Hampshire Public Radio reported state House Majority Leader Dick Hinch said in remarks delivered on the House floor. In addition, New Hampshire Democrats felt this bill was pointless because there's already a statute in place enhancing felony penalties when a crime against a pregnant woman results in miscarriage or stillbirth.

In order to make it clear that this does not apply to women who get abortions or doctors who legally perform them, the bill aimed to provide exemptions, but it went a little too far.

The bill passed after the state Senators quickly changed the wording of the bill to fix the weird mistake. But shortly after both houses of the legislature passed the bill, people said language used to protect women was so vague it could be interpreted to allow them to commit murder against anyone with impunity. Mr Sununu is expected to sign the revised measure into law.

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