Modi to be first world leader to have WH dinner with Trump

Elias Hubbard
June 24, 2017

He said in this particular case, the U.S. evaluates that this is an important way for America and India to cooperate on specific areas of mutual concern, and that both sides benefit from transferring the kind of high technology, the Trump administration has been talking about. In a statement posted on the Facebook, Modi said his two-day visit to Washington from June 25 was at the invitation of Trump. There will be a cocktail reception followed by dinner.

Asserting that a "strong India is good for the US", the official said President Trump wants to build on India's designation as United States "major defence partner" through "concrete examples", and while not commenting specifically on the $2-3 bn drone deal comprising the 22 Guardian unarmed drones that the USA will be supplying to India the administration stressed on expanding the $15 bn defence contracts India has signed over the last decade. "Then they will each give press statements", the official, said clarifying that it would not be a press conference. "PM Narendra Modi emplaned for Portugal, after which he shall visit US and Netherlands for important bilateral visits", said Mr. Modi's official twitter account.

He noted that India's partnership with the U.S. is multi-layered and diverse, supported by not just governments but all the stakeholders on both sides.

"Now, of course, we've seen rapid growth in the defence and security partnership over the last few years, and President Trump very much wants to build on that momentum".

"We're looking forward to strengthening ties between the United States and India". Even during his campaign, the official noted, he had reached out to the community and even said in one of his speeches that "if elected, India will find a true friend". The official added that both sides would also work towards increasing cooperation in energy, especially natural gas, and anti-terrorism.

Observing that the USA is looking for things like stronger intellectual property protections, reductions in tariffs, the official said this visit offers an opportunity to advance that trade dialogue and look for opportunities that will enhance prosperity and create jobs for both countries. "It is an important relationship and that will come through in the meetings", the official emphasized.

Defence expert Uday Bhaskar opined that the visit is important, primarily for Prime Minister Modi to get assurance that President Trump will continue the bilateral relationship along the track that had been identified by earlier presidents George Bush and Barack Obama.

"I think these two leaders have a lot in common".

I think President Trump is slightly ahead of Modi, but I think this shows the kind of leaders they are. So they're right in line with this administration's priorities.

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