Xbox One X is Microsoft's Powerful New Game Console

James Marshall
June 19, 2017

You will be able to play games in a 4K resolution, and it will also support HDR lighting effects, as well as a Dolby Atmos surround sound. The Xbox One X will ship with 1 TB of storage, and an exterior that looks a lot like the Xbox One S, albeit with an even smaller footprint.

The Minecraft "Super Duper Graphics Pack" update launches this fall.

Underneath the generic Xbox shell, Microsoft says it produces six teraflops of graphical power thanks to a custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz. In a report posted by the firm, games director Piers Harding-Rolls stated: "Crucially, we do not believe that, at this stage, Xbox One X is a device to re-ignite Xbox One sales in continental Europe and to gain market share from Sony in key sales territories outside of U.S. and United Kingdom". And while these games will most likely be solid experiences (all but Cuphead are sequels whose predecessors are highly regarded), outside of Forza, none have proven to be console sellers. The console will launch on the 7 of November 2017 and will retail at the price of $500. Then again, if Microsoft successfully markets the console's true, native 4K gaming capabilities as an advantage over the PS4 Pro, it might just convince those on the fence. Out of these 42, 22 were exclusives for the Xbox One, or to the Xbox One and Windows 10. Unlike the Xbox One S, the Xbox One X will come in black - although it looks very like the white console in shape and design, as you can see above. In fact all previous Xbox games should be playable on this machine if you have the original disc.

Microsoft's latest console is part of an effort to gain ground against Sony's PlayStation 4. The PS4 PRo produces 4.2 Teraflops running at 911MHz. Not only the most powerful but first time ever a console using liquid cooling. I wish the best for the Xbox One X and will be purchasing one myself, but I hope this repeat of the same dreaded mistake doesn't prove to once again be a thorn in Microsoft's, and consequentially the Xbox One's, side.

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