Nintendo: Super Mario Odyssey Will Support Co-op Mode

James Marshall
June 19, 2017

Nintendo released a new trailer for its upcoming video game "Super Mario Odyssey" at the E3 Convention, which focuses on both video games and electronic devices.

During Nintendo Treehouse at E3, the presenters show off the game's co-op mode on stage, and it looks like a bit of fun.

In single-player mode, Cappy can be used to capture objects as well as enemies.

Playing as Mario remains mostly the same. Under certain conditions, we might add, as Shigeru Miyamoto playfully pointed out during Ubisoft's press conference that he told the team, "Whatever you do, don't make a jump game or Mario platformer".

Power Moons await discovery in each Kingdom, and, by collecting them, players can power up the Odyssey to travel on to the next Kingdom.

Cappy is also unbeatable.

What Can Cappy Do In Co-op Mode?

Game director Yoshiaki Koizumi said that was the biggest challenge they faced when developing the game - as Nintendo hasn't toyed with a sandbox-style Mario in 15 years. It's weird at first to see Mario rolling and triple-jumping his way through intersections and past yellow cabs and dapper 1940s gentlemen, but then all the game worlds we've seen from Odyssey so far are weird in one way or another.

The mod, which is created to work on Mario 64 played via an emulator on PC, is called Super Mario Odyssey 64.

According to the game director Kenta Motokura, Switch's support for two players inspired him to create Cappy. "Super Mario 3D World" had four-player co-op, but camera view was limited due to the number of players on the screen. Nintendo wanted take advantage of the fact that the Switch comes with two controllers by default, hence the mode.

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