Iran arrests 8 after attacks on parliament, Khomeini shrine

Elias Hubbard
June 11, 2017

Iran's state TV is reporting that the country's authorities have arrested seven suspects for supporting the Islamic State-claimed dual attacks that killed 17 people in Tehran.

The group said it would target Iran's Shia majority in what appeared to be filmed footage before the gun and suicide bomb attacks on the Iranian parliament and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday.

In a condolence message ahead of a funeral for the victims, Khamenei said the attack "will not damage the Iranian nation's determination", state media reported.

"One of their brothers who was more risky than them fell into the hands of the intelligence services and has been arrested", the intelligence minister said in a televised press conference of the five gunmen.

In a video that appeared to have been recorded before the attack on Tehran, five masked fighters were shown threatening Shi'ites in Iran as well as the Saudi Arabian government saying their turn "will come".

Navy Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, said diplomatic turmoil over Qatar had not caused interruptions at al-Udeid, a large air base in Qatar that the United States uses for military operations in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. The information added that in the raids were also confiscated "many documents and weapons" that were in the hands of the individuals to whom the authorities linked them with "Wahhabi cells", referring to the predominant Sunni Islamic conservative doctrine in Saudi Arabia.

He said those arrested had a safe house in the Kurdish city of Kermanshah in the northwest of Iran.

The Sunni Muslim militants of Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Shi'ite Muslim state.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Friday called the USA the "international" version of the Islamic State and accused Washington of exchanging democracy for money.

Yet, at the funeral following Friday prayers, mourners chanted, "Down with the US", and they called for death for members of the Saudi royal family. The statement did not say whether the attackers were Iranian citizens.

Also Friday, Iranian officials continued a crackdown that followed the attacks.

The US has imposed new sanctions on Tehran for its support of "terrorist" groups in the Middle East, ballistic missile tests and human rights abuses. Plainclothes agents, recognizable by their government-issued walkie-talkies, paced up and down the streets, stopping anyone who looked out of the ordinary.

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