California, New York form climate alliance after Trump withdraws from Paris accord

Marco Green
June 4, 2017

Under its terms, the earliest the USA could get out is 2020.

"It was a transfer of wealth from the most powerful economy in the world to other countries around the planet", Pence said on television. And it did. It put us at an economic disadvantage.

Trump said the United States would be willing to rejoin the accord if it could obtain more favorable terms, but the leaders of France, Germany and Italy said in a joint statement that the agreement can't be renegotiated. Our republican politicians are appealing to the masses by targeting China, preaching that the accord is unfair and will stunt American job growth. "We are convinced that yesterday's decision is a big mistake".

"There's enough to deal with with respect to the Paris Agreement and making an informed decision about this important issue". By that time, all treaties pertaining to reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions were decades too late. He is not calling climate change or global warming a hoax or dismissing the underlying principle.

In his climate announcement this afternoon, Trump's main target was the Obama administration's environmental agenda.

But, climate change is not only a United States issue, and should be dealt with on an worldwide scale. Trump's main justification for walking out of the Paris deal was that it was "unfair" to the United States, and that it did not put similar level of obligations on "top polluters" like China and India. However, this is false and simply a means of manipulation through political rhetoric. Though the United States is responsible for 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, historically it is the largest contributor of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

"For the section in the USA version claiming that the pact would cost the US economy 6.5 million industrial sector jobs", the French version adds: "Many major USA companies from all sectors, such as Exxon Mobile, Schneider Electric or Microsoft, disagree". It pointed out that major players, including China, the European Union, and India, had expressed their willingness to scale up their role.

"We basically think it's a bad deal for the country".

Additionally, 82 USA mayors have also pledged to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump's budget proposal calls for deep cuts to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs at the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, including grants to state and local governments. Developing countries can not be held to the same standard as developed countries.

With near-perfect timing, ExxonMobil shareholders voted on May 31 for a resolution which requires the company to account for climate change, specifically the risks it poses to the company's profits as dozens of countries prepare themselves for a post-petroleum future. It is possible for national and worldwide efforts to coexist.

The Paris Agreement is symbolic in itself.

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto responded to Trump's statement with an executive order recommitting the city government to its goals of cutting energy use by half and getting all its energy from renewable sources by 2030. In other words, at the very moment that corporate America has come around to addressing climate change, the new administration seems determined to take the country in the opposite direction.

He said it imposed "draconian financial and economic burdens" the country. "He can not deviate from the entire world in the way he's trying to right now", Brown says. Our president is not a man of logic, rather of power and manipulation. He openly challenged the scientific consensus that the climate is changing and man-made carbon emissions are largely to blame.

What happens to the agreement now that the U.S. is out?

We must enforce climate neutrality across borders. We are failing ourselves, our allies, and the planet.

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