Paris climate deal: Trump pulls United States out of 2015 accord

Olive Rios
June 2, 2017

It's the governor's first trip back to China since he led a trade delegation in 2013 and comes after Pres. Donald Trump's announcement Thursday that he will pull out of the Paris climate accord.

The Paris agreement commits the United States and 187 other countries to keeping rising global temperatures "well below" 2C above pre-industrial levels and "endeavour to limit" them even more, to 1.5C.

According to a draft of the statement, seen by The Associated Press, Brussels and Beijing will say they "are determined to forge ahead with further policies and measures for effective implementation of their respective nationally determined contributions" to fighting climate change.

Trump's Rose Garden speech, in fact, was replete with misrepresentations - about the accord itself, the related economics, the science of climate change and the impact on the United States of staying in Paris.

"As a small country, we have also staunchly supported the rules-based multilateral system, and upheld the critical role of diplomacy in solving problems on the global commons", the secretariat added.

"I call on you to remain confident".

Many U.S. companies have concluded that fighting climate change is good business.

Shortly after President Trump yanked the USA out of the Paris climate agreement, programmed its homepage with a news article about Trump's announcement and seven snarky headlines.

It, however, said the president "reassured the leaders that America remains committed to the Transatlantic alliance and to robust efforts to protect the environment". This means that the U.S. will leave the Paris Agreement in 2020.

Fiji's Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, said the loss of America's leadership is unfortunate but the fight to rein in climate change will go on.

He said the deal gives advantages to countries like India and China. So this was a big win for the nationalist wing of the White House, and they have now prevailed on the core issue of Trump's agenda - trade, immigration and now climate change. "They already have the largest share of the world's wealth, and here we are just trying to survive". The other two are Syria and Nicaragua. I think this is the single most important decision the president has taken yet.

The CEO's of 30 major American companies issued an open letter to Trump in recent weeks, urging him to keep the the deal.

"For the exclusive benefits of other countries, leaving American workers, who I love, and tax payers to observe the cost in terms of job loss, low wages, shattered factories and vastly diminished economic production".

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