The 'fidget spinner' that has spun teachers into a tizzy

Lawrence Kim
Мая 27, 2017

Some people don't understand the fascination of Fidget Spinners, the toy from the '90s that's made a revolutionary comeback in 2017.

And the device is also making teachers across U.S. and European schools angry with majority wanting it to be banned. It doesn't sound very exciting, but many claim the gizmos help soothe anxiety.

• Nearly two-thirds of doctors (63 percent) considered fidget spinners a toy.

According to data management and analysis firm 1010data, the amount of online sales generated by fidget spinners in April was 55 times greater than the product's total sales in January. It's closely followed by Vermont, Texas, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Missouri.

"While Middle America boasts a higher concentration of fidgeters across the entire state, East coast urban centers prove to be the densest fidget regions in America. NY dominates with Miami and Chicago following close behind".

"The fidget craze is happening everywhere - at every show I attended in Asia, every booth had endless versions of design, quality, pricing and functionality for this fidget frenzy", Scott Pearson, executive vice president of Top 40 supplier Logomark (asi/67866), told Counselor earlier this month. Fortunately for those moms, fidget spinners cost $10 on average-much easier to stomach than the $60-plus they had to shell out for Hatchimals last holiday season.

As with any toy fad, fidget spinners are bound to hit a peak-and it may have already happened.

The latest must-have - the fidget spinner.

Like most parents and educators, doctors dont seem to know what to make of fidget spinners and whether these gadgets offer any benefits.

"I was furious", said his mum. A person who can't get up and walk around to wake up a bit, or go have a nice cup of tea to calm down, may find it helpful to use a fidget item to get in the right frame of mind to stay focused and calm while staying put.

While there are no scientific studies to look into the effects of fidget spinners yet, a San Antonio licensed professional counselor said they could be effective at reducing anxiety in some cases.

They are different styles, colors, some have lights in them and they are easy to customize and just a friendly warning, they can be addictive.

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