TIME magazine's cover depicts Russian Federation overtaking the White House

Olive Rios
May 22, 2017

But for some Americans, including President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters, the "crisis in Washington" is not about possible missteps by Mr Trump or questions over whether his campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

The White House has refused to comment on the revelations and Flynn's attorney declined to comment when contacted for confirmation. While this claim is still being investigated, Reuters stated that sources informed them that his campaign had been in contact with the Kremlin 18 times a year ago. However, U.S. officials also noted that the Russians may have exaggerated their bond with Flynn in those talks. The White House has denounced the leaks. The next day, Putin said he wouldn't retaliate. The United States hit Russian with sanctions since 2014 due to its military intervention in Ukraine.

In another leak, Trump allegedly asked Comey to drop a federal investigation into retired Gen. Michael Flynn, the president's former national security adviser.

A defiant President Donald Trump flatly denied Thursday that he had pressured the FBI to close its investigation of a former close aide, and he questioned the need for a special counsel to probe possible collusion between his 2016 campaign and Russians trying to influence the presidential election. Mueller will now take charge of the FBI investigation that began last July.

Amid a slew of theories and allegations making rounds, Trump repeatedly denied any conspiracy between Russian Federation and his campaign. This is one of many questions now being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and according to Reuters, Flynn and other officials on the Trump campaign had at least 18 phone calls and emails with Russian officials and others with ties to the Kremlin.

One of those contacts was by Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch and politician, according to one person with detailed knowledge of the exchange and two others familiar with the issue.

These officials, who are privy to intelligence about the terrorist group's efforts, said the source of information was particularly valuable for tracking Islamic State's attempts to place explosive devices on commercial airplanes.

Meanwhile, in the past week it was revealed Trump leaked highly classified information to Russian officials when they visited the U.S. capitol.

In fact, Flynn's appointment as national security adviser raised eyebrows from the get-go. Indications are that, if successfully created, the communication avenue would have circumvented US National Security with whom Trump has been at odds since his inauguration. However, officials can request that they be revealed for intelligence purposes. The President has the utmost respect for our law enforcement agencies, and all investigations.

Flynn, who had to leave the post just 24 days in to the job, was initially retained as a adviser even after the acting attorney general, Sally Yates, warned the White House she was anxious about Flynn's actual contact with the Russian ambassador.

This is one of those stories that'll be dismissed as "FAKE NEWS!" and then, if Trump actually does re-appoint Flynn to something, the spin will change instantly to "Awesome!"

But no lawyer is going to stop Trump from doing he what he wants, and he clearly wants to protect Flynn. In addition, Kislyak met with two other Trump campaign advisers in July on the sidelines of the Republican convention. On Thursday, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) told reporters that Flynn's lawyers "said he would not honor the subpoena, and that's not a surprise to the committee".

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