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Elias Hubbard
May 13, 2017

They will sell the fidget spinners to other students at prices between $3 and $15, depending on how many ball bearings the devices have.

They have since become a very popular toy, so we've been out and about asking you - what do you make of the fidget spinner?

Elementary and middle schoolers are racing to stores to buy these boredom busting toys, which are meant to help with focus.

So what are schools doing about them?

Some adults and parents told Learning Post Store Owner Kym Howe they don't quite understand the fascination with this new craze, but they are flying off the shelves.

"We've only noticed them since the start of this term, from not existing at all last term", Ms Cottam said.
They were originally created to help A.D.D. and autistic children concentrate on their school work. I don't know. Pick your fad. And it got kind of worrisome actually. "Whether that involves a Move "n" Sit cushion, therapy ball chair, a Theraband around the chair legs, or a fidget spinner". And had I known that I could have maybe suggested a fidget at that time.

A long list of schools are banning the toys, small discs with a bearing in the middle, calling them detrimental to a classroom environment. Her work revealed that students with ADHD performed better on a computerized attention test the more intensely they fidgeted. It's kind of fun. You hold one between finger and thumb and spin it.

"Now that kids can't pull them out in class, there's less incentive for others to steal them", Sicard said.

"Some kids like to get angry and when they feel like no I don't want to calm down so you just want to play with this for a while for like five minutes and then you're all cooled down because you don't want to stop playing with this", he says. The fact that there's no noise.

If you're lucky, you can find the coaster-sized gadgets for as cheap as $1 on eBay and other sites, or $5 in national chains like Five Below. "A good fidget is only something that is out of sight, one handed and really preferably can be in a pocket", Howe said.

"We've struggled with that a little bit because we like to use those and they are popular enough that they are effective", said Principal McGinnis. IEPs fall under federal special education law, and teachers are required to follow them.

While MS 442 banned the fidget spinners from school premises, the school said that it would keep spinners on hand for children with sensory issues. She also has seven years' worth of anecdotal evidence that shows how beneficial they can be for some children. In the case of the fidget spinner, one reason for its popularity may be that it is seen as more than just a toy.

Michael Passman, a CPS spokesman, said on Monday that the school system does not have a stance on the spinners.

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