Gore Urged Trump Not to Abandon Paris Climate Accord

James Marshall
May 12, 2017

The call came before White House officials were set to meet, once again, to discuss whether or not to stay in the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined in 2016.

One option said to be under consideration is full withdrawal from the Paris accord, fulfilling Mr Trump's campaign promise to "cancel" the deal as president.

Many nations want Trump to remain in the agreement, which is meant to rein in rising world temperatures by shifting towards cleaner energies such as wind and solar power, even though he plans to bolster the United States coal industry.

Trump will now wait until the G7 to make a decision, the White House said on Tuesday.

John Sullivan, the nominee for deputy secretary of State, told a Senate committee during his confirmation hearing yesterday that "as a general matter. the United States is best served and its interests protected when it has a seat at the table" (see related story). The landmark accord commits almost 200 nations to reducing planet-warming emissions.

More than 40 "free market" groups expressed their "enthusiastic support" for fully withdrawing the USA from the Paris treaty and stopping all US taxpayer funding of United Nations-related global warming programs.

Despite taking significant steps to shift USA food production to a more sustainable and climate-friendly model, it's entirely possible that all of Obama's work could be undone by the Trump administration, which views environmental regulations and climate science with near-unprecedented hostility. Several of the groups have accepted cash from oil giant ExxonMobil whilst many also deny the basic science linking fossil fuel burning to unsafe climate change. Among the regulations he opposed in court was the EPA's Clean Power Plan, which sought to place new restrictions on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants with the goal of helping the United States meet its commitments under the Paris accord.

Scientists agree that man-made emissions of greenhouse gasses are contributing to warming the earth's climate considerably and will damage both the environment and the economy.

In her career at the state department, spanning multiple administrations, Biniaz has also touched on human rights, the law of the sea and Somali piracy, among other things. However, in his letter Pruitt said his recusal does not extend to matters of "general applicability", such as making policy decisions involving current or future environmental regulations. "Nobody knows what to think", one European diplomat said, adding that Trump might simply want to avoid criticisms from other G7 leaders by delaying an announcement of a USA pullout.

For US allies, Mr Trump's wavering has uncomfortable echoes of president George W. Bush's decision to withdraw from the 1992 Kyoto Protocol. And yet in one poll, 47 percent of his own voters say the USA should stay in the agreement.

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