Republican health bill headed for Senate recast

Henrietta Strickland
May 8, 2017

With Thursday behind them, the House first stripped off more than $300 million in amendments that put the budget out of balance when the House recessed on Thursday-including the money for the school endowment.

Republican House members join U.S. President Donald Trump on stage as he speaks during a Rose Garden event May 4, 2017, at the White House after the House voted in favor of the American Health Care Act. Meanwhile, 20 Republicans voted "No" as well.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch is focused on the "art of the doable" as his chamber takes up the health-care bill. There are also questions about whether all of the provisions in the House bill meet the stricter Senate requirements, meaning the bill will need to get changed further-or change the rules, which they will do unless they feel public pressure not to.

Republicans and Trump look to be completely screwed. Trump praises Australia's universal health care. Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, said in a statement.

McConnell has remained characteristically quiet about the details of a Senate health care proposal as the House has worked through the process.

In fact, the Republican bill that was passed in the House last week would cut federal funding for Medicaid by an estimated $839 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. She said there should be "no barrier for coverage" for people with pre-existing medical conditions and that the House's tax credits "do not adequately take into account income levels" or regional differences in health costs, the Associated Press reported.

"The current bill falls short", Senate Republican Dean Heller said. Susan Collins of ME, whose vote may prove one of the hardest to get for President Donald Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) was one of 217 Republicans to vote in support of the plan, which was approved by just one vote. "But basically we're writing our own bill", Sen. Rushing something this big, complicated and important through the House without the benefit of CBO's analysis strikes me as an admission that the CBO report will be embarrassing to those who voted for it.

The rollback could deny Medicaid coverage to millions of working poor.

And provisions that were tucked into the House repeal bill, the American Health Care Act, were embraced by conservatives but dismissed by moderate GOP lawmakers in the Senate. That includes Republican Sens. "So by giving the states the ability to customize their Medicaid population their program to work for them".

On the other side of the GOP spectrum, some senators want a full repeal.

"I congratulate the House on passage of its bills. It's attempted to be addressed in this bill, but thoroughly enough from my perspective". President Donald Trump has made repeal and replace a priority of his new administration.

Sanders' comments came a day after Doug Elmendorf, who ran the CBO from 2009-2015 during the Obama administration, told Politico that the House's decision to vote on the GOP health care bill before the CBO could score the latest version of the legislation was "a bad mistake".

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME, a moderate Republican whose vote will be critical in getting a bill to Trump's desk, voiced concerns about potential higher costs for older people and those with pre-existing conditions.

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