For Honor Season 2 Begins May 16, Check Out the Full Details

Joanna Estrada
May 8, 2017

Everyone else will be able to purchase them using in-game steel beginning May 23.

The Centurion is described by Ubisoft as a "Knight Hybrid" who uses a gladius to deal damage at a short range.

The two new characters are the Shinobi, a Samurai Assassin, that wields the traditional Japanese Kusarigama, and the Centurion, a Knight Hybrid, who is equipped with a gladius and is created to bypass enemy defences.

The Shinobi is a Samurai Assassin, a silent warrior able to move with grace and strike with precision, wielding the traditional Japanese Kusarigama.

Ubisoft's surprisingly awesome multiplayer action game For Honor will kickstart Season 2 on May 16, with the "Shadow and Might" event offering a stack of new content including heroes and maps. This is consistent with Ubisoft's previous promise to give the Season Pass holders timed benefits while also keeping the "For Honor" community aligned when it comes to playable characters. This new epic gear will raise the game's maximum gear score and will be accompanied by a complete balance overhaul for the game's stats system. The start of a new season will open a new chapter in that player struggle.

Forge and Temple Garden will be the two new maps, both offering a fresh locale to paint red. Following a three week off-season, Season Two of the Faction War as well as all the new additions will be available on May 16. For Honor will continue to be supported post-launch with additional content and consistent gameplay balancing updates.

Players who own the Season Pass gain access to the new heroes on May 16, when Season 2 rolls out.

Earlier today, we informed you of Ubisoft's decision to opt for platform parity between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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