'That Was Some Weird Shit' George W. Bush Reacts to Trump Inauguration

Henrietta Strickland
Апреля 2, 2017

This post of George W. Bush Reportedly Referred To Donald Trump's Inauguration As "Some Weird S**t" first appeared on Vibe.

Bush famously made himself meme fodder by fiddling with a plastic poncho at the swearing-in ceremony, struggling to figure out how to put it on before finally just draping it over his head.

Following Trump's short and dark speech, Bush left without public comment, but NY magazine reported three people told the outlet they had heard Bush's candid review as he was leaving the dais.

Bush, seen next to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, at President Trump's January 20 inauguration. Some pointed out an apparent infatuation liberals and the media have with Bush now that Trump is president.

For his part, Bush - enjoying a renaissance of sorts - has been careful not to criticize Trump despite people like Jimmy Kimmel baiting him.

Meanwhile, Academy Award victor Tom Hanks recalled a humorous George W. Bush anecdote on the Sooo Many White Guys podcast. The three sources are not named in the story, and Ali writes that a spokesperson for the former president declined to comment.

And while George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were unable to attend - due to the former president's ill health - George W. Bush and Laura Bush were present for the affair.

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