New For Honor update is exactly what fans hoped for

Joanna Estrada
April 2, 2017

Following the recent boycott controversy in For Honor, here's how Ubisoft responded to the frustrated fans of the latest Hack and Slash game.

Make sure you log into For Honor and start taking advantage of the higher Steel income and also access to the "3-Day Champion Status" which has been granted to all players after there was an unfortunate outage that happened recently. This has agitated many players who are reporting the issue to Ubisoft from past couple of month that is finally taken into consideration. However, it seems like Ubisoft quickly responded to these issues by offering some tweaks to please their players. For instance, all Steel gained from matches will increase by 25%, Daily Orders has increased 33%, and lastly Side Orders will give an additional 50% extra Steel. Ubisoft also added that the Steel generation in the game from all Community Orders would increase from 500-1000 to 2000.

Steel is adopting new rates. This newest update adds new customization variants for Heroes, including Death Blossom outfits for Samurai, Death Raven outfits for Vikings and Battlefield Chic outfits for Knights.

Those changes can raise your daily first 2 hours income by as much as 45%.

While For Honor players plan the blackout, Ubisoft had been quietly making moves on their end. Notably, For Honor's unbalanced gear stats. Many boosts received by gear are seen as far too strong, especially those tied to the game's powerful rage mechanic, and this made the game very one-sided in matchmaking. The company said that they would announce the details of the upcoming patch next week. Ubisoft has announced that it will be sharing patch information next week, but that both balance and unfair matchmaking issues will be targeted in the update. The update launched earlier today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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