Charleston church shooter to plead guilty to state murder charges

Olive Rios
April 1, 2017

After being sentenced to death in federal court for killing nine Black people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Dylan Roof will not stand trial for his 2015 crimes in state court.

According to several media outlets Dylann Roof will enter the plea during a hearing on April 10.

The state's decision to accept a guilty plea for a life-in-prison sentence saves the city and the victims' families from more trauma, not to mention saving taxpayers the cost of another trial.

It's anyone's guess how long it could take for Roof to be executed.

Numerous victims' families opposed Roof's execution. He was sentenced to death by a federal jury in January.

Roof was already convicted on 33 federal charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of religion.

A week ago came news that Joey Meek, a friend of Roof's who was aware of the white supremacist's massacre plan, would be going to prison for 27 months for misleading the federal authorities in the aftermath of the attack. "[I] really wish I would have called the cops". But she told the Post and Courier newspaper in Charleston that "the goal is to get him into federal custody so their sentence can be imposed".

"'Praise God' was the response of Felicia Sanders", Savage said of the woman who lost her son and aunt in the shootings. I'm not concerned with Dylann Roof.

After essentially sabotaging his own defense, and having been sentenced to death, Roof submitted a motion to U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel asking him to extend the deadline to request a new trial to 90 days.

Wilson also had sought the death penalty in state court. Roof cited four other federal death penalty cases where a convicted murderer was given an extension on the deadline, including Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was given the 90 days Roof has asked for.

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