Sturgeon: Independent Scotland to Keep Pound, Apply for EU Membership

Lawrence Kim
March 31, 2017

That would then see the Scottish Parliament formally request that Westminster grants it the authority to hold a legally binding referendum.

The Panelbase survey for The Times and LBC showed a majority of Scots back Theresa May's call for a second vote to be called off while Brexit negotiations are on-going, at 51 per cent.

In September 2014, some 55 percent of the Scottish people voted against becoming an independent country.

Opposition leaders at Holyrood hit out at Ms Sturgeon for focusing on independence in the speech.

May added that while the road before the country may be uncertain at times, she believes, with the British people, that it leads towards a brighter future for the nation's children and grandchildren.

Details of the trip were announced as Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon doubled down on her commitment to holding a second independence referendum.

Addressing her Conservative party's spring forum in Cardiff on Friday, Ms May accused Ms Sturgeon of "muddle on muddle" in her approach to Scotland's relationship with the EU.

In choosing a time when the Brexit negotiations are likely to be at their most sensitive, Sturgeon is, of course, cynically aiming to capitalise as much as possible on the fact that 62 percent of Scots voted against Brexit in last year's EU Referendum.

The SNP has opposed the UK Government's austerity, but after independence they would have to implement a much more extreme form of austerity in Scotland.

Closing the SNP conference, Ms Sturgeon will say: "We know change is coming".

"I could take the easy option. could let Scotland drift through the next two years, hoping for the best, but knowing that the worst is far more likely", she told a packed hall at the AECC.

Respondents in England and Wales supported the Prime Minister - 60 per cent said she was right to refuse a second referendum while negotiations with the 27 other European Union states are under way; 21 per cent said she was wrong.

"Whatever our different opinions on independence, we can all unite around this simple principle - Scotland's future must be Scotland's choice".

But asked if a vote in 2021 would be reasonable, Sturgeon said it would not because too much time would have lapsed after Britain's European Union exit, due in late March 2019, and there could have been too much divergence in areas such as regulations.

This week the Scottish Parliament will decide if it should apply to the House of Commons for a Section 30 Order to give it the necessary legal authority to conduct another referendum, the fourth in 20 years, this time on the proposal that Scotland should leave the United Kingdom to become an independent nation state. In this respect, Brexit only succeeded in kicking over a constitutional hornet's nest, confirming the extent to which the dominant political cultures in Scotland and England have diverged. We see another poll today to add to the many dozen that we've seen since June of past year that shows that the majority of people don't want this.

This "watering down" of the SNP's European Union policy was allegedly first discussed at a strategy meeting in mid-January, according to the Sunday Times.

Ms Davidson added that Theresa May had included a number of Ms Sturgeon's concerns in her 12-point plan for negotiating Brexit with the EU.

"Scotland should not be dragged out of Europe by a Tory government intent on a disastrous hard Brexit".

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