Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Very Big Chicken

Lawrence Kim
March 20, 2017

Let's first check out the video below of this massive thing.

The video went viral after Fitim Sejfijaj posted footage to Facebook of the bird at a farm in Albania, according to Channel Nine.

- With more than 77 million views, video of a freakishly large chicken has taken the Internet by storm.

Such is the size of the white-feathered animal that many claim it is in fact a man inside a chicken suit. In the case of this monster fowl, several Twitter users have deduced it's a Brahma chicken.

Twitter went insane when a video of a massive chicken leaving its roost went viral over the weekend.

A rooster can weigh more than 5kg, and a hen more than 4kg on average, although there have been records of Brahmas reaching 8kg.

One Brahma bird in Essex, Britain, that was was vying for the title of world's tallest cockerel, stood at 26 inches or 66cm, and was not yet full height, reports said.

Of course a little research showed that this is actually a Brahma, a huge breed of chicken developed in the United States.

Once the giant chicken started making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter, people very justifiably started freaking out, because look at that frigging thing.

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