Destiny's Age of Triumph Update Offers a Myriad of Rewards

Joanna Estrada
March 12, 2017

With Destiny 2 drawing ever closer - but still not formally announced - Bungie are taking their first MMO on a victory tour to celebrate the impressive legacy it has built over the last few years.

Age of Triumph is a live event that offers every Guardian the opportunity to document an experience that began way back in September 2014.

Also, a 13-page record book will roll out when "Age of Triumph" is released.

The Age of Triumph is said to be a part of Bungie's plans to bring the first major chapter of the Destiny adventures to its closing stage as the game slowly makes its way towards what the gaming world believe will be a full Destiny 2 reveal at the upcoming E3 2017 event on June.

Destiny 2 isn't set to launch until later this year, so this should give fans plenty to keep them busy. Finally, Bungie revealed that the final update would be the "Age of Triumph".

Destiny Age of Triumph updates are for free. The first raid will be "Crota's End", which is described as a fast-paced mode made available in the game's first paid DLC, which is "The Dark Below". The Atheon Challenge has been described by Bungie as their most hard yet.

If you're looking for new loot, you're in luck. The new challenges will include several pieces of brand-new weapon.

As usual fans can bank on all Exotic items being sold at the 350 Light level.

According to Bungie, the Record Book will offer rewards for completing a number of activities in the Record Book, and even more special rewards for completing certain Destiny activities. It seems it's created to reward regular guardians the most, especially those who stuck with Bungie throughout every expansion. This will be complemented by weekly featured raids and rituals that are yet to be explained in specific detail.

Check out yesterday's livestream here, but Bungie will be following up with streams next Wednesday and the Wednesday after, to showcase the new and returning weekly content, as well as what the possibly final Sandbox update will entail. We'll have to wait and see, but from everything we've heard so far, Bungie certainly looks to be pulling out all the stops for Destiny's last hurrah. Let us know in the comments.

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