Baby monkey weeps over mother's carcass in TN village

Henrietta Strickland
March 12, 2017

There is absolutely no dearth of adorable scenes when it comes to the animal kingdom, especially when it comes to mothers playing around and having a gala time with their little ones.

Video footage of the incident has been shared on various social media platform and the heartbreaking clip has gone viral.

Villagers at the scene of the accident cried as they watched the baby monkey desperately try to revive its dead mother.

A video has emerged showing a baby monkey apparently mourning the death of its mother after an auto crash in southern India.

Baby monkey weeps over mother's carcass in TN village
Baby monkey weeps over mother's carcass in TN village

The baby, seeing its mother had been hurt, rushed to its side and tried to wake her up. The video bore a stark resemblance to human grief and was a typical portrayal of human grief upon the tragic demise a loved one.

A similar incident happened when a mother monkey was knocked down by a speeding auto in near Elanthur on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka National highway, while she was crossing the road. While she may have just echoed the thoughts of many humans all across the country, the incident has a whole deeper significance attached to it.

Relationship of a mother and child is always very special, be it human beings or animals the bond is beyond words.

Police reportedly separated the young monkey from its mother as villagers moved the carcass away from the road. "Animals to morn. We saw the young monkey weeping over the carcass of its mother", said K Saravanan, who witnessed the scene.The baby monkey saw its mother being knocked down by a vehicle while she was crossing the road.

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