Sanders' Former Spokeswoman: "We Don't Need White People Leading the DNC"

Olive Rios
November 25, 2016

Liberals have begun scolding Bernie Sanders for challenging identity politics in a speech at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on Sunday night.

In the Q&A session, Alexandros Atsalis-Gogol, 24, a former Manchester resident, asked Sanders what people should to support the Standing Rock Sioux as they protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, and what he proposed to do about the violent treatment of non-violent protesters. Bernie Sanders of Vermont when he had mounted a presidential bid, is skeptical that several of the caucasian men who are vying for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairmanship are representative of the party's coalition.

Ms. Brazile, in a memo this week, blamed voter-suppression efforts in key battleground states for depressing the Democratic vote. I do not possess a political science degree; all I can do is what most of the rest of you do: sit and watch, then try to figure out what happened after the fact.

Upasna Barath, a sophomore majoring in economics, said, "Having a prominent figure like Senator Sanders stand up for your beliefs is so important and so helpful in a time like this where our country is divided and marginalized communities need love and support".

"Right here", a student answered, pointing to the floor. Sanders said, according to Vox.

In what has been widely perceived to be a knock against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen.

The lack of coverage surrounding climate change also greatly concerns Sanders, who points to a clear path as to why the media avoids such a crucial topic. Those same polls would have shown Sanders outperforming Trump by significant figures nationally while the primaries were still going on - this all while the media and DNC gave Sanders very little regard and the bitter end of the stick to ensure that the weaker candidate went forward.

Sanders cautioned that young people probably don't remember the hard and frightening economic eras of the past, starting with the financial markets crash of eight years ago. If he's figured out a way to speak to blue-collar whites again, while simultaneously broadening the Democratic Party's economic message for Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, and white Millennials, let's hear it. She says the response to the book signing was overwhelming. Bernie Sanders' entrance Tuesday. Right now we've made some progress in getting into politics.

Alright, I know some people may not agree with me. "But we need to focus on the real issues that impact American people".

Following the November 8 presidential election, Democrats have been scrambling to determine who will become the next DNC chair to help the bruised party move forward. "And you can not just come out to vote every two or four years".

One of the struggles that we're going to have right now, we lay on the table of the Democratic Party, is it's not good enough to me to say, "Okay, well we've got X number of African Americans over here, we've got Y number of Latinos, we have Z number of women".

The Burr and Burton students reacting to Sanders' words included Lillie Berkhout.

One of the article's two authors, Maggie Haberman, was on an ABC News panel with Ellison in July 2015 when he suggested that Donald Trump might end up "leading the Republican ticket" and that there was a real possibility of his capturing the presidency.

She said taking action for her would include "protesting and speaking out for other people".

"So for the Democrats who feel that the problem with Hillary Clinton is that she was too mainstream, too tied to Wall Street, too tied to the old establishment, Keith Ellison is a smart choice", Mr. Jacobs said.

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