Jeremy Corbyn warns Boris Johnson a general election ‘is coming’

Marco Green
September 11, 2019

Tom Watson is set to make a dramatic intervention in a speech on Wednesday that will shake up Labour's internal debate over its Brexit policy.

Among the public as a whole the two sides are nearly reversed, with 50% of Britons preferring Johnson to abide by the law compared to 28% who would want him to break it.

Mr Johnson said he wanted to head to the polls next month to break the political deadlock, and accused opposition parties of making "outrageous excuses" to delay a vote.

Tom Watson has sparked fury by calling for a second European Union referendum before a general election.

The party opposes a no-deal Brexit and has promised another referendum on any deal for leaving the EU.

A former Cabinet minister predicted that Boris Johnson could perform a dramatic U-turn and support a plebiscite as an alternative to a general election.

"We are ready for that election, we are ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we've ever seen in this country and in this movement", he stated. The process of renegotiating the deal then putting it to a public vote during which Labour would campaign for Remain was deemed too complex or unworkable by critics.

He will add: "Very hard though it was, I and many others respected the result of the 2016 referendum for a long time".

Opposition leaders have not supported the votes, which needed the backing of two-thirds of MPs, because they fear an election could be used to force through a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Corbyn's comments came as a cross-party groups of MPs said there was still time to pass a Brexit deal in Parliament with a "sizeable voice building across the House" to be given the opportunity to achieve it.

He will promise that MPs won't be "silenced" by Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament.

If Labour is to regain the insurgent momentum of 2017 the focus of Corbyn and shadow minister of labour Laura Pidcock's speeches to TUC show us where to start.

Answering his critics as he spoke, who insisted that he should no longer sit among other left-wingers because of his criticism of Jeremy Corbyn, Austin shot back: "I left the labour party to shine a spotlight on the disgrace it has become under his leadership, and because I regard myself as proper, decent traditional labour, not like the extremists who have taken over this party and are dragging it in the mud".

Now Labour insists there should only be a vote if the number of potential outcomes are limited, preventing the British people from voting in a government the Labour leadership considers unacceptable. "Once we get out of here, there isn't any way to establishment-up Jeremy", one Labour source said.

McDonnell suggested on Sunday the party would not seek to open lengthy negotiations with Brussels, but would be hoping to rubber-stamp something like Theresa May's deal, with the addition of the compromises Labour had secured during the cross-party talks earlier this year. "A general election might well fail to solve this Brexit chaos".

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