You can now play Tennis just by searching ‘Wimbledon’ on Google

Ruben Hill
July 12, 2019

One of the world's greatest and most famous tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, is entering its final stages in the United Kingdom, and many tennis fans will be watching the matches when they can, or subsequently searching for scores online to find the outcome of those they missed.

Every now and then Google creates these fun "games" or Easter eggs as they are popularly known.

Google has revealed that searches for "tennis coach" have more than tripled over the course of the tournament and "start playing tennis" have more than doubled. It's essentially a slightly updated version of Pong, with cute 8-bit-style tennis players knocking a ball back and forth. This should come up whether you're searching on the desktop or on a mobile device, both in a web browser or in Google's app.

Secondly, the game doesn't seem to abide by physics - the opponent won't necessarily reflect the ball at the same angle you hit it to them. Ready? Let's find it. You can pull up either of these games just by typing the titles into Google's search engine, although you must navigate to the images tab to play "Breakout". Unsurprisingly, this will return a host of results related to what's happening on the court; but the one we're interested in is the top box with the purple header, which contains all the current information. This is what we're looking for.

Users can then click on the tennis ball that appears in the far right of the score box that appears to play the mini-game, in which players take part in a rally with a robot. When playing on the desktop, you'll use the keyboard's arrow buttons to move your character from left to right. What do you do?

Finally, the game speeds up as you get more points, so by the time your score is 10 or more, it'll be quite a frantic match. If it gets you in the mood, we've got a list of the best Tennis games on phones for more complex tennis experiences, and a guide on live stream Wimbledon too.

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