Woman allegedly threw live snake at driver during carjacking, police say

Elias Hubbard
July 11, 2019

A SC woman hurled a live snake into a auto to scare off the driver, and then took the vehicle on a wild ride until cops arrested her, authorities said.

Authorities say Moreno-Berrios demanded a woman's keys and threw a live black snake at her.

Officers caught up with her later in the night on Friday when she allegedly led police on a high-speed chase in the stolen vehicle, crashing through street barricades on a closed street and almost running over several pedestrians, according to surveillance footage released on Tuesday.

Not finished with her automotive rampage, police say Moreno-Berrios then skirted officers attempts to stop the vehicle, almost running over several pedestrians before finally coming to a stop after hitting another auto occupied by a mother and daughter.

Police pursued the alleged carjacker and quickly caught up to the suspect and arrested her.

The suspect caused about $17,225 worth of damage to the pole-vaulting site, police said.

She was arrested and charged with carjacking and malicious damage to personal property. She also received five traffic citations.

Officers also tracked down the snake Moreno-Berrios allegedly used to menace the victim. They say she was injured in Friday's crash but was discharged from hospital on Monday.

Surveillance footage released by cops captured an out-of-control Moreno-Berrios barreling down the area's Main Street and plowing into event barriers that were set up for a pole-vaulting competition.

Police said the snake was not venomous.

Police say the snake was not venomous and was released in nearby woods. Police are still working to figure out a possible motive behind the incident.

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