Fortnite Fortbyte 5: Accessible Laid Back Shuffle Emote inside dance club

Joanna Estrada
July 11, 2019

After an entire season of collecting Fortbytes, Fortnite fans can finally unlock the Singularity skin. From there, everything's pretty simple: just make sure you use your Fortnite Laid Back Shuffle emote in the vicinity of the club and Fortbyte 5 itself can be collected from the centre of the dance floor. Now that 90 whole pieces of the technological chips have become available, players can unlock the exclusive Singularity skin.

The Fortnite dance club might not look much from the outside but, trust us, it's a riot on the inside - the good kind.

Express Online has marked the position of the dance clubs with disco balls on the map below. Specifically, it's directly northeast of Happy Hamlet, and nearly straight west from Fatal Fields itself. The location of the dance club where you'll find Fortbyte 5 can be found below thanks to Twitter user Guille-GAG.

It's in grid reference E9 and you want to head for the northern-most building here, as shown in the map screenshot above. Thankfully our Weekly Challenges cheat sheets should help you earn a little bit of extra XP.

The emote you need to use is the Tier 95 "Laid Back Shuffle Emote", so you'll have to level up your Battle Pass a lot to get it.

With the 90th Fortbyte unlocking, this means that there are only ten more to go before Season 9 wraps up. While the official release date for Fortnite Season 10 hasn't been announced, it is expected to begin towards the end of July, potentially as soon as July 24.

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