The portable cassette player that's cleaning up on Kickstarter

Joanna Estrada
July 10, 2019

You might not believe it but cassette tapes have started their comeback. The only modern technology that you do get though is Bluetooth, though given that this is essentially the world's first Bluetooth 5.0 portable cassette player, there will always people wanting to get in on the act, even if it is rather silly. But because it is 2019, this portable cassette tape player comes with Bluetooth, of course. Sales were up by almost 20% YoY in 2018. As for a bluetooth cassette player, it's probably true that nobody needs such a thing, hyper specific products are one of the nice byproducts of late capitalism. But it is not worst for the person who would like to carry around a retro-style cassette player, having to stoop to using a second ancient tech standard the 3.5mm headphone jack. To make it feel more authentic, it runs on traditional batteries. Ninm was selling the device for an early starter price which is $75. The last one specifically created to revive the original Sony Walkman TPS-L2. It will deliver you by December of this year.

While it might seem like yesterday you were running around with your Walkman attached to your belt playing your favourite cassette tape over and over again, the revolutionary music player actually celebrated its 40th anniversary this week.

Records will forever be a popular form of listening. It works exactly as a cassette player normally would - except it streams to wireless headphones or even your phone or a speaker. The company will also include a blank tape with each It's OK, operating under the likely correct assumption that most people don't have tapes lying around in 2019.

The crowdfunding campaign launch coincides with the original Sony Walkman's 40th birthday on July 1, 1979.

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