Duran Duran to Perform at Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Celebration

James Marshall
July 7, 2019

Technology pioneered by Professor Red Whittaker at Carnegie Mellon University offers outstanding mobility at a lightweight (13kg) and will become a test platform for autonomy that will usher in a new era of operability in space.

Other experiments will test a small rover called MoonRanger that can drive itself beyond a lander's communication range and then return, widening the range of terrain that future rovers might be able to explore.

"The exciting half is this is not going to be done like Apollo, where we put a flag on the moon and left", mentioned Dutreix, chief operations manager at Michoud. The LRO's map-making success will make easier for the mission to return astronauts to the moon in 2024, says one of the space agency's top astronomers. This team will use geophysical modeling and laboratory techniques to characterize the overall evolution, stability, and volatile content of the Moon and asteroid subsurfaces.

A flexible camera system for conducting lunar studies. There are a few looking at charged particles and radiation on the lunar surface, in order to better understand the lunar environment.

The Lunar Demonstration of a Reconfigurable, Radiation Tolerant Computer System, as its name suggests, will demonstrate radiation tolerant technology and will study the radiation effects on the lunar surface.

The Next Generation Lunar Retroreflectors (NGLR) will serve as a target for lasers on Earth to precisely measure the Earth-Moon distance.

The MoonRanger will weigh around 28lbs and be created to generate high-fidelity 3D maps of the lunar surface, particularly its pits and polar regions. L-CIRiS will use infrared technology to map the temperatures of the shadows and boulders that dot the lunar surface in greater detail than any images to date.

"Data from L-CIRiS will help plan future lander, rover and astronaut missions by identifying hazardous rocks and determining the density of the lunar soil", Paul Hayne, who leads the development of the instrument, said in a statement.

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