Shazam can now ID tracks played through your headphones

Joanna Estrada
June 13, 2019

You can now Shazam music coming through your headphones! That's what the developers have rectified with the latest update.

But, as The Verge reports, the app has now been updated to detect music played through your headphones as well. The challenge, however, was that one had to unplug or disconnect your headphones for the app to hear the music as it played through the device's own speakers. So far, this feature works on apps like Instagram and Facebook.

So whatever app you're now on and there's music that you either can't identify or want to save on your Shazam list, all you have to do is make that floating button appear, tap it and it will Shazam away. It bubbles to the top of your current screen, and once it identifies a song it can show the lyrics as well.

To enable Pop-up Shazam, go to the Settings page in the app.

In our tests, this Pop-Up Shazam works great with most of the audio streaming platforms including Spotify and YouTube. As of now, this feature is only made available to Android and not on iOS.

Recently acquired by Apple, Shazam is bringing new features to its users, although this time only Android users will benefit from the changes. You no longer need to use your phone's external microphone to find information on tracks, and users can use Pop-up Shazam while in an app to quickly find the title of a song that's playing.

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