14-Year-Old Hospitalized With 100 Bubble Tea Pearls in Her Stomach

Elias Hubbard
June 13, 2019

Xiao Shen - who said she'd only had one cup of the pearl milk tea - was prescribed laxatives to help her pass the balls.

It may surprise you to know that bubble tea has actually been around since the 80s, when it was created in Taiwan. The culprit: tapioca "pearls" often found at the bottom of the popular drink.

But a doctor who treated the girl believed she may have underestimated just how many servings of boba she consumed, saying her condition was so severe that she must've consumed more of the starchy tapioca balls than she relayed to her parents.

No drink is as polarizing as bubble tea.

She was taken to the emergency department where, according to local media reports, CT scans revealed more than 100 "shadows" riddled throughout her digestive tract. She claimed she'd had just one before checking in to the hospital, but doctors said it had to have taken much more to end up in her state, the paper reported.

The teen reportedly told doctors that she drank only one cup of bubble tea five days before the hospital visit, Newsweek reported.

Another doctor observed that the tapioca balls in the tea were made out of starch and hard to digest.

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