Three is switching on a 'true' 5G network in August

Joanna Estrada
Июня 12, 2019

Impressively, Three is also claiming that its 5G network will offer peak speeds that are at least twice as fast as rivals, as well as providing a more reliable connection.

It will then follow-up by expanding its 5G mobile network to 25 cities and towns by the end of the year.

For those of you keeping count, it means Three may well have the widest 5G coverage by the time the year is up. EE now only offers 5G in six cities, and promised a total of 16 locations will have 5G before the end of the year.

Three will start its 5G rollout with home broadband.

Three has confirmed that its done lots of successful 5G trials in London, and as a result it will be launching a 5G home broadband service in the capital this August.

Three has invested roughly £2bn in infrastructure for 5G, and claims that its network could double the speeds of competitors.

"It's clear that consumers and businesses want more and more data", chief executive Dave Dyson said in a statement. Nokia is providing Three with its cloud core network for the 5G buildout.

Three will be releasing more details and the prices of its 5G handsets and contracts later this month.

United Kingdom consumers are predicted to consume 13 times more mobile data in 2025 than today and 5G is hoped to cater with this extra demand. Note that these networks have more spectrum than that in total, it's just not spectrum that's ideal for 5G use.

It sounds like Three's 5G network will grow rapidly too, with the company saying that in the next three years it expects it to cover 80% of Three's network traffic. Other operators hold 40MHz and 50MHz blocks - including the already-launched EE network, plus Vodafone's that will launch in July.

The network investment programme also includes upgrades within Three's 4G network, expected to deliver up to 400 percent improvements in speed and capacity.

While there is no fixed date for shutting down 3G, Ms Dona believes it will happen in the "next two to three years".

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