Nina Dobrev Admits She Once 'Despised' The Vampire Diaries Co-Star Paul Wesley

Lawrence Kim
June 12, 2019

Off-screen, though, things were also tumultuous between their off-screen counterparts, albeit for entirely different reasons.

One of the most watched teen-drama The Vampire Diaries that had us all hooked till it wrapped up in 2017, featured one of the most endearing tales of love between actor Nina Dobrev's character and her co-star Paul Wesley's.

And there was one interaction in particular that Dobrev hasn't forgotten over the years: "I remember Paul Wesley in the pilot walking up to me, and I can't remember if it was on set or if was when we were all out one night ... and he looked at me and he was like, "Ten years from now when we're not on this show, you're going to really miss me".

The most shocking part of the interview is when she admits that she and Paul Wesley didn't get along well for the first 5 months, "Paul and I didn't get along at the beginning of the show".

Last May, Dobrev shared a picture with Wesley on Instagram, writing, "Excuse me sir, you look familiar".

She clarified, "We really just didn't get along the first five months of shooting".

She tells the girls that nobody could have guessed that she and Paul didn't get on.

Though Dobrev and Wesley haven't worked together in a while, has their past tension prevented them from having a real-life friendship?

Remember, those were the crucial episodes when The Vampire Diaries was working overtime to reel fans in with their characters' burgeoning love story.

What happens behind the scenes of our favourite television shows and movies can be nearly as dramatic as what goes on in front of the screen. The actress further spoke about how people would assume that the two were dating due to their onscreen chemistry when in reality they despised each other which read as love instead. Even if it is sparks of the not-so-positive variety, it tends to show up on-screen. 'We ended up getting to a good place'.

Dobrev said of all her former cast members, she sees and hangs out with Wesley the most. "It's so amusing how much has changed because I never thought that he would be one of my best friends". "We are probably the closest".

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