Dropbox’s new desktop app is a radical overhaul

Marco Green
Июня 12, 2019

On the partnership front, Dropbox has formed native integrations with Slack, Zoom and Atlassian, creating integrated workflows between Dropbox and these services.

However, that is not widely available just yet, and is now only rolling out to early access users. You can even view AutoCAD files inside a Dropbox file viewer, even if you don't have AutoCAD installed. The app is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in the company's early access program.

The new tool has the potential to simplify a lot of work online by bridging across different worlds, the next phase of maturity for modern workplaces. So it could be Dropbox's app will become just another hub, not the one hub to rule them all. In addition, Dropbox has partnered with video-conferencing provider Zoom so you can schedule and join Zoom meetings inside Dropbox.

The Dropbox interface on web, mobile, and desktop is also getting an overhaul; it promises to better organize all the content you have on Dropbox. The company also offers a range of business plans that give businesses more control of who can share which files.

"If you went back to literally the original Finder, it's the same experience", said Houston in an interview with Fast Company, which was allowed to take the new application for a spin. We can now see where this is going with the updated Dropbox service taking things a step further.

The "new Dropbox", is a platform, the company says, you don't need to leave. With this release, Dropbox has changed the underlying structure of its desktop application to operate just like any other desktop application, rather than its previous incarnation, which was tied very closely to desktop file systems like Windows File Explorer or Apple's Finder.

The new tool sometimes integrates with other services. For instance, users can start conversations and send files to Slack channels directly from Dropbox, and also share Dropbox files within Slack conversations.

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