Uganda confirms first Ebola case outside outbreak in Congo

Henrietta Strickland
Июня 12, 2019

Uganda has been on high alert since the outbreak in the eastern DRC, where more than 2,000 cases of the highly contagious virus have been recorded, two-thirds of which have been fatal. "The child is under care and receiving supportive treatment at Bwera ETU (Ebola treatment unit), and contacts are being monitored", the WHO Uganda office said in a tweet.

A child in Uganda has tested positive for Ebola in what is the first cross-border case of the deadly virus since an outbreak started in neighbouring Congo a year ago, Uganda's health ministry said late Tuesday, in a blow to efforts by health workers who for months sought to prevent contamination across the heavily travelled border.

The boy and his family crossed the border Sunday, and the case was confirmed at a rural hospital. Congo has been experiencing an outbreak since last summer. The Ugandan Ministry of Health and the WHO have dispatched a rapid response team to the area.

The effort to contain it has been severely hampered by ongoing conflict in North Kivu that has sown distrust between outside organizations, such as the WHO and United Nations, and locals wary of interference in their affairs. Health workers have regularly come under attack.

In April an expert committee of the WHO decided that Congo's outbreak, while of "deep concern", was not yet a global health emergency.

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