Mozilla will launch a paid version of Firefox this fall

Joanna Estrada
Июня 11, 2019

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has hinted that a premium version of Firefox could be in the works.

As far as Firefox's Premium plans are concerned, it's now exploring the possibility of secure cloud storage and VPN services for users. First, there's Firefox Send, Mozilla's free file transfer service, which includes extra storage and extended availability to those signed in through Firefox Accounts.

The paid version of Firefox will be aimed at those who value their privacy online.

The company's reason for making this move is so that it has another source of income. In an interview, he said Mozilla's premium service plan will include VPN bandwidth above what's available from Mozilla's ProtonMail VPN partnership.

However, all the services and features that are now offered free will remain free in the future as well, Beard told T3N. We have a company called Pocket that discovers and curates content. There is also sponsored content. Talk of a premium-level Firefox seems to be a natural evolution from this experiment.

"We also tested VPN", Beard said, referring to a test Mozilla ran together with ProtonVPN last fall, in the US. It will require a subscription in order to take advantage of the new features Mozilla is set to introduce.

In other words, Firefox will continue to exist as a free and open source web browser, but additional features will be bolted on for a price.

"We want to add more subscription services to our mix and focus more on the relationship with the user to become more resilient in business issues", Beard told t3n, according to a translation of the interview. Sooner or later, the launch will come and then Firefox fans will have to decide if they are willing to pay for more or simply stay with the freely available features.

A spokesperson for Mozilla declined to provide further information, stating that details will be revealed in the coming months.

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