'Luigi's Mansion 3' stars a jelly doppelganger named Gooigi

Joanna Estrada
Июня 11, 2019

Luigi won't have to tackle the spooky horrors of a haunted hotel alone when "Luigi's Mansion 3" comes out sometime this year.

A release date for Luigi's Mansion 3 was not announced today during the Nitendo E3 Direct presentation, but we were given another look at the upcoming title.

The demo Nintendo showed set up the premise of the game, and we saw Luigi invited to a gorgeous hotel with Mario, Peach, and others.

Subscribe to the VG247 newsletter Get all the best bits of VG247 delivered to your inbox every Friday! Luigi can now slam enemies to cause area-of-effect damage, a suction shot that allows you to destroy furniture, and a burst shot that lets you create some breathing room by pushing ghosts away.

The player can change between Luigi and Gooigi to overcome obstacles like fences and spikes, Nintendo said. ScareScraper mode can be played online* or locally with up to eight players on four Nintendo Switch systems (additional games required; sold separately).

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