Bentley Flying Spur Unveiled As World’s Best "Luxury Grand Touring Sports Sedan"

Joanna Estrada
Июня 11, 2019

The new Flying Spur wears all-new sheet metal, but it's still instantly recognizable as a Bentley. That allows for more exaggerated curves in the bodywork, along with crisper lines. Those arches will be filled with either the standard 21-inch wheels, or two new 22-inch wheels on sedans optioned with Mulliner Specification.

"The Continental, GTC and Flying Spur were developed in parallel". Bentley says to expect less understeer and a sharper turn-in. Along with the bump in twist, the faster cog-swapper drops the 0-60 miles per hour time from 4.2 seconds in the previous Flying Spur W12 S to 3.7 seconds. An eight-speed dual-clutch transmission sends that power to all four wheels. "The GT's focus is on sportiness and performance, whereas the Flying Spur is for customers who want more decoration".

For example, it features Electronic All-Wheel Steering for the first time on a Bentley, combined with Active All-Wheel Drive and Bentley Dynamic Ride for "phenomenal handling and ride". At low speed, the system steers the rear wheels in the opposite direction from the front wheels. Electronic four-wheel steering turns the rear wheels to shrink the turning circle or quicken high-speed reflexes. That adds stability, and makes for more effective lane changes. New variable dampers hold 60 percent more air by volume, permitting a wider ride latitude between luxury and sporty cruising. The Flying Spur can adjust how loud it gets, therefore, depending on whether it's being driven in earnest or doing chauffeur duties.

Do you have a favourite Flying Spur detail? . That retracts when the vehicle is locked, and is illuminated when extended. Below it, the matrix can be had in black or bright chrome. The Flying Spur comes equipped with all of the latest semi-autonomous tech, along with a 12.3-inch infotainment screen that can be rotated away at the touch of a button.

The Bentley Rotating Display, which can flip the touchscreen to show analog dials or a clean sweep of wood, is an option. The Flying Spur interior's showstoppers are an optional three-dimensional diamond quilting effect-in leather or wood-on the door trims, and an optional etched finish on the center console made up of 5,331 individual diamond shapes, each different from the others. Alcantara blinds shield passengers from a harsh sun, interior mood lighting in seven colors shields eyes from the mundane end of the light spectrum.

A host of modern driver assistance features is available too, including Traffic Assist, City Assist, Night Vision and Head Up Display. The LED matrix headlamps can automatically cut a hole in the full-beam for oncoming vehicles, avoiding dazzling them while still fully illuminating the rest of the road.

In the rear, you'll find a new touchscreen remote, offering control of items such as the blinds, rear-seat massage function and rear climate control. A Bang & Olufsen upgrade offers 1,500W and 16 speakers, while a new Naim 2,200W system is the flagship with 19 speakers.

Thanks to all these systems, Bentley is adamant that the new Flying Spur delivers "a driving experience of extraordinary breadth and capability not seen in this segment before".

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