Jupiter Is Coming close this Month for Us to See it

James Marshall
Июня 9, 2019

Also, from June 14 to 19, the moon will line up with Jupiter and Saturn in the sky. You can spot Jupiter much comfortable now, especially this month, every night just looking at the sky.

The very best time of the month to see Jupiter will be 10 June when the planet reaches "opposition".

However, that's not the only time that you can get a glimpse of the big gas giant known for its stripes and swirls.

That's because throughout June, Jupiter will be at its biggest and brightest, remaining visible throughout the night (if it's not cloudy, obviously). That means Earth will be directly between Jupiter and the Sun.

"Jupiter is a great target for a backyard telescope", Samuhel said. "In fact, there are plenty of telescopes out there that are cheaper than a pair of binoculars", Samuhel said.

"In steadily-held 10× binoculars you can pretend you're Galileo and rediscover its four brightest moons ..." Monday night in particular, about midnight local time, should provide the clearest view, reports USA Today. Although the solar system's largest planet can be seen with the naked eye, using binoculars, one can also have a look at its four largest moons or perhaps even the clouds around the planet. It's the optimal time to see Jupiter because that is when the planet is closest to Earth.

The night of June 16 into June 17 will bring another good opportunity for people to spot Jupiter in the sky as it will appear next to the full moon.

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