Ebola cases triple in Congo as efforts to fight plague 'falter'

Henrietta Strickland
Июня 7, 2019

Others don't trust the health workers, which leads people with symptoms to avoid treatment, thus making it harder to stop the virus spreading. This lack of trust makes it impossible to break the chain of transmission. Furthermore, the increased number of violent attacks made most aid organizations to suspend activities toward immunization and quarantine activities.

The number of vaccinated people continues to rise to nearly 130,000 people. "We fear another peak could happen in the next few weeks", Oxfam wrote, quoting its country director in the DRC, Corinne N'Daw.

The country is now in the midst of its worst Ebola outbreak.

Some in the affected communities believe the outbreak is fake news spread by rapacious NGOs and the United Nations to justify their presence in the country and allow the extraction of valuable mineral resources.

Gwenola Seroux, emergency manager at Doctors Without Borders, however, warned that it was "clear that the outbreak is not under control and therefore we need a better collective effort".

World Health Organisation (WHO) chiefs said mistrust of health workers and attacks on Ebola clinics by armed militias have contributed to an acceleration in what is now the second-worst outbreak of the virus on record. However, outbreaks of violence have reduced in recent weeks.

Ten months after it diagnosis, the 10th Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become unstoppable, with over 1,300 deaths in 2,000 people infected, where children are a quarter of them.

"She died of a fever, following childbirth and because the tests showed that her baby had not contracted Ebola, we thought this was proof that it didn't exist".

Locals, who doubt the motives of the medical teams, have attacked and killed some of them and destroyed treatment centers.

"Our father was the only one who believed that Ebola might be real and he kept trying to persuade the whole family". Air groups cite the misunderstanding of the people throughout the region over just how risky the Ebola virus really is.

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