Biden is fixing his climate plan that failed to cite sources

James Marshall
Июня 5, 2019

Biden, who announced his candidacy in April and is the clear leader in recent national and early-state primary polls, is offering his climate plan as some of his rivals suggest the 76-year-old former vice president is not bold enough.

"The Biden plan will be paid for by reversing the excesses of the Trump tax cuts for corporations, reducing incentives for tax havens, evasion, and outsourcing, ensuring corporations pay their fair share", according to a statement by his campaign.

Trump successfully billed Obama-era environmental protections as job killers to his supporters, and has directed his administration to roll back many of them since taking office.

Vice President Joe Biden drew laughs on Tuesday when he shrugged off concerns about his questionable behavior with women during a campaign event.

Biden also joined many of his Democratic primary opponents in pledging not to accept campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry and promising to keep the the United Nations climate agreement signed in 2015 while he was vice president under President Barack Obama.

Biden spoke of building a new "green infrastructure", which he said meant millions of union jobs. "I know, you're just telling what they said". "These are real jobs".

Was Joe Biden pressured by progressives to change his tune on climate change? Vice's headline proclaims, "Biden's Surprisingly Strong Climate Plan is Giving People Hope", and Gizmodo's Earther said, "Biden's Climate Plan Actually Has Teeth".

Caught in a pile of lies, the campaign responded with a strikingly similar excuse: "To the degree it wasn't attributed, it was an oversight or inadvertent", Biden's 1988 campaign aide told the New York Times.

"I will lead America and the world, not only to confront the crisis in front us but to seize the opportunity it presents", Biden says in a campaign video posted online, warning that failure to act threatens "the livability of our planet" and will accelerate natural disasters that are "already happening". Biden would add an aggressive push on the world stage, using US political and economic muscle to limit emissions from other nations, including China. It would create a task force to help communities facing closures of coal mines and power plants gain access to federal funds and private investment "to help create high-paying union jobs". Biden pledges a more aggressive Environmental Protection Agency, vows to have clean drinking water for all Americans and pledges that minority communities will be targeted for initial investments in federal clean energy spending.

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