How Does Google's Restriction On Huawei's Use Of Android Affect You?

Marco Green
May 22, 2019

The license will enable it to service customers in regions such as Wyoming and OR which run on equipment purchased from Huawei.

If Google fully implements the US government order, Huawei will only have access to the public version of the Android operating system, meaning Huawei phones could lose access to proprietary apps and services such as the Google Play app store, Gmail and YouTube.

However, Google is not the only firm breaking ties with the Chinese smartphone maker.

One retailer has told us that a decision will be made today as to whether they will strip Huawei devices from their shelves.

Reuters reported Sunday that Huawei will now lose access to Android updates.

Google announced the Android Q beta release during I/O 2019 conference early this month. Google is still talking about that, internally.

In the meantime, German chipmaker Infineon has also suspended shipments to Huawei, without commenting further.

A statement by the Huawei Nigeria disclosed that the company is ready to engage with the U.S. government to come up with effective measures to ensure product security.

It spent about $11 billion past year buying components from US firms such as Micron Technology, Intel and Qualcomm, according to CNBC, about 15% of the $70 billion that Huawei spent buying components worldwide. Microsoft hasn't said anything yet, but it will nearly certainly have to stop selling Windows to Huawei.

The Commerce department has said it will review whether to extend the license period. The company has already announced a lawsuit against the USA government and the Canadian government.

The past few days haven't been the best of time for Huawei. It wasn't a big deal back then, as Huawei wasn't really trying to break into the US.

Huawei has said its work does not pose any threats and that it is independent from the Chinese government. Otherwise, without proof, the American government will be able to just ban any company it wants.

Following Trump administration's move to ban trade deals with the USA, it will undoubtedly make it extremely hard for Huawei to do business with U.S. companies.

Microsoft is still refusing to confirm whether they will be complying with Donald Trump's ban on technology support for Huawei, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.

'Huawei has said it plans to build its own features from the open-source material, but that's a huge mountain to climb, ' Mr Keary added.

This could put a pretty major dent in Huawei's sales outside China, to say the least.

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