Why Game of Thrones fans are so anxious about the Winterfell crypt

Lawrence Kim
April 24, 2019

The second episode of the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones" scored 15.9 million multiplatform viewers on Sunday, according to HBO.

In the backdrop of fire-engulfed Winterfell, Jon Snow voiceovers, "the Night King is coming".

Jon (Kit Harington) told Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) the truth about who he is, and she now knows what that means for the Iron Throne, so there's too much to explore there for either of them to die in Episode 3.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, another said: "This scene from the trailer with Ayra running desperately through the crypts of Winterfell".

The obvious conclusion is that he must be riding a certain dragon up above. All the women and children are in the crypts, because of how safe they are.

Reddit user qp0n thinks that the "Night King is not stupid", and posted his theory before episode 2 aired. And there's no Night King anywhere in sight leading the charge. Indeed, the crypts of Winterfell are apparently so concealed and little-known that Bran and Rickon were even able to evade the Ironborn there during Theon's raid back in season two. Creepy right? So Bran volunteered to act as bait to lure the Night King straight to them. Maybe a miracle will happen and it'll be revealed that the person who built both the Winterfell castle and the Wall, Brandon "the Builder" Stark, reinforced the crypt with some kind of magic that deflects the Night King's powers. An episode where the writers remembered that people don't just tune in (or aren't even interested in tuning in) for the high budget effects or big battle scenes or gratuitous torture - what they also want are all their faves talking to each other, laughing together and declaring their love for one another. The first two episodes of the show have already made the GOT fans go into a frenzy with the intriguing dialogues and emotional reunions.

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