Epic Games Unveils The New Tournament

Joanna Estrada
Апреля 22, 2019

The Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals is one of the first tournaments based around Fortnite's newly added Creative Mode. Fortnite has reached the status of being a global phenomenon and it seems like everyone is playing it, including celebrities such as Drake. A total of 15 players will be selected to compete at the $3,000,000 Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals in New York City. This mode is similar to the one featured in Minecraft and it's making it possible for competitors to submit their creations to Epic Games in order for them to be judged by officials.

The path to the Fortnite World Cup Creative Finals feature the five different events which run from April 29 to June 7. These winners will then travel to New York City in July to take part in the Creative World Cup.

Epic Games announced the Fortnite World Cup Creative today, a $3 million Dollars tournament for the game's most innovative players. Fortnite creative competitions are more similar to CS:GO surfing maps than the battle royale format of the main game, and this tournament provides an avenue for skilled players, who may not be the best fraggers, to shine.

For the first trial, players are encouraged to follow Cizzorz and Fortnite on Twitter for more information about the first trial. Epic Games has put aside a whopping $3,000,000 prize pool for the fifteen finalists in NY later this year. If you want to get involved in the Creative Trials, stay tuned to Fortnite's social channels. Air Royale About the new Air Royale mode, the patch notes state, "Pilot the X-4 Stormwing in this Limited Time Mode as you fight to become the last plane flying!" If nothing else, this announcement should give you hope if you're not a competitive player - just make something cool in the hopes of winning! Like a fabulous shooter once said, get psyched!

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